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June 23, 1991

Can't believe so much time has passed. Sonic came into my life when I got my Genesis, and has been around pretty much ever since. My avy has been the same almost as long as I've been on NT!

My favorite game varies depending on how I feel, but today I think I'd have to say my favorite game was Sonic 2. The first game was great, but the introduction of Tails along with the 3D half pipe special stages were something special. Having Tails there allowed my brother and I to play at the same time instead of taking turns. I remember making him mad because I would make Sonic go so fast that he would leave Tails off screen and he could never catch up. :lol:

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What are your Sonic memories?

Do you have a favorite game or level??

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Ahh yes sonic 2, my first Genesis game and one of my all time favorites. I still prefer those old Genesis era games to the new stuff.
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Man, I used to always get stuck at the part in Sonic 2 before you fight metal Sonic (where you're stuck with those spiked moving platforms) and literally lose all of my lives. Beat that one time and still think that part is harder than both Metal Sonic and Giant Robot Dr. Robotnik.

Best level is still Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3! Best music in a level is tied between Spring Yard Zone/ Star Light Zone from Sonic 1
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Had the SNES growing up but had a few friends with Genesis, remember playing so many hours of Sonic 2. So many good memories.
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when you got good enough, it was like being in the matrix with all that sonic speed!

played & greatly enjoyed the first 2

Ricky D

formerly centex hogg
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1. Sonic 2

2. Sonic 3 and Knuckles

3. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

4. Sonic CD

Don't really care for anything else Sonic related
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Sonic 2 + Knuckles was cool too. Underrated because many didn't even know you could attach them together

Sonic Spinball was also fun
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