Official Supreme Thread FW20: Week 9 Jacob & Co

Joined Oct 26, 2013
yikes, just saw Flight Clubs Risk of Loss Policy... basically says they arent responsible for your shoes if they are stolen and they arent guaranteeing the insurance will cover it. I feel for anybody in here who had some shoes at Flight Club LA
yeah anything 3rd party and they don't cover it!
Joined Apr 19, 2014
These weren’t protestors these were opportunists. People are trash. One thing to hit up major company but small business can’t recover from stuff like this.


Joined Nov 1, 2007
I come in peace.. no shots to them or anything

but I looked at Round two site the other day when they had a drop, had no idea they were charging $300-600 for those vintage tees. That’s wild, they prob copped them for cheap too.They been making good $$ :lol:

The insurance value on the shoes at flight club must be stupid :lol:
Real value: $300
flight club price:$500
insured for: $1500
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