Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...

Joined Dec 24, 2013
Really thought i wasnt gonna be hurt or upset about losing.

these feels again.

Gonna play some weeknd and neglect my responsibilities for the rest of the day.
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Early this morning SNS said I didn’t hit .... now I can’t even get in my account . They started the raffle over ? Lol
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Trav just sent me an email if I'd like to cancel my order for a refund on that merch from the other day. I told him yeah run that refund. Lmao
Joined Dec 24, 2013
Just feels bad man

And it’s a rainy day here in Chicago

Feels more like a monday now
Snoh AaLegra hit that play button.

we shall overcome this.

I spent 70 dollars on underwear for the homeless for extra raffle tickets and no call yet.

silver lining is im happy to help those less fortunate.

would love a W tho.
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I have always been skeptical when it comes to the European stores besides SNS and End, so I was completely shocked to see that I won from Foot District... Considering the minimal odds of winning I’m feeling extra blessed... congrats to those who hit!
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