Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...

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Just like others have mentioned, I definitely should have waited on my pair. See prices dipping across the "reseller sizes." Paid 1150 for my 8.5 and probably could've got it for 50-100 less if I waited. The damn stockx half off seller fee day got me.

Wonder how low these go considering most people that wanted em, got em either retail or have already paid resell on it. Either fakes getting through or the bot boiz decided these aren't worth holding.
dont be mad bro i paid 1275 + tax for my 8.5 coulda saved about $200 but oh well money comes and goes so quickly anyway
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Am I the only one the has the Jordan 1 Lows ranked above the Air Force 1's, Jordan 4's and Jordan 6's??, my peoples keep telling me I'm crazy, but I feel like the Lows are the easiest to wear as far as getting a fit off and theyre cozy as hell to me!

IMO Best to Worst would be:

1. Jordan 1 High
2. Jordan 1 Low
3. Jordan 6
4. Air Force 1 (Sail)
5. Jordan 4
6. Jordan 33
7. Air Force 1 (White)
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It’s by far my favorite. But man the prices went up too fast. I remember contemplating at the 450 mark. Now my size is damn near 900
in picture or out in the wild the shoe really pops. clean or beat compared to the other shoes that red sock liner really makes that shoe stand out. Yeah resell inflation rate etc is very annoying id prefer every shoe reselling for around 350 - 500 i cant fathom every hot release being limited and high reell its just over saturated at this point.
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Probably cuz they were (read) RELATIVELY easier to get than the other hyped pairs.

That's not my reason, I buy what I like and can wear I could care less about the hype or resell value. Shiiiid I'm from the DMV so I still get hyped over the New Grey 990's every year LOL

But 4's are my second favorite Jordan Sillouhette behind the Jordan 1, and the White/Cement Jordan 4 is one of my top 3 Sneakers of Alllllll time, I just didnt like the color or the TS Jordan 4's and the Jumpman symbol instead of the Nike Air on the back didnt help either. Thats the only reasons TBH. I heard the quality wasnt all the way there but hey its Jordan Brand so my expectations weren't on Louis Vuitton level for them.
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I struck out on all raffles I entered, I was considering paying resale but my wife was against it. I found her response weird since she's not the type to stop me from buying what I want. Fast forward to today and my wife tells me to look out for a package she's expecting to be delivered, well the package arrived...
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4’s are my favorite of the TS x Nike sneakers

4’s > 1 highs > 6’s (would be #2 if it weren’t for the pocket) > sail uptowns > White uptowns > 1 Lows > 33’s
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