Official "When did MJ wear those??" post and FAQs!!


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Over the years, I've seen countless discussions and debates over when Jordan himself wore a certain pair of shoes.

What shoes did MJ wear in NBA All Star Games?
What shoes did MJ wear during the post seasons?
When did MJ wear the Air Flight One's? Space Jams? Cool Grey XI's...etc etc...

This post, with the help of some of our knowledgeable members, should help answer all those questions....I'll attempt to keep all major information posted in the original thread along with pictures to backup proof.

Since the question came up a week ago, I thought I'd start it off with MJ's All Star shoes...

MJ's NBA All Star Game Kicksology:

85-white/black/red I


87-white/red II

88-black/cement III

89-black/cement IV

90-black/silver V

91-black/infrared VI

92-black/bordeaux VII

93-black/aqua VIII


96-white/columbia XI

97-black/white XII(aka Playoffs)

98-black/white XIII(aka Playoffs)


02-white/black/lightning XVII low

03-white/royal XVIII

MJ's NBA Post Season Kicksology:

1985- white/black/red I's
MJ's rookie year he lead the Bulls to the Playoffs where they lost in the first round against the Milwaukee Bucks 3-1

1986-white/black/red I's
After being injured for most of his 2nd year, MJ returned just in time for the Playoffs. Despite dropping an NBA record 63 points against Boston, the Bulls fell in the first round 3-0.

1987-white/red II's
For the 2nd year in a row, the Bulls unluckily drew the Celtics in the first round. The Bulls lost 3-0

1988-white/fire red III's
The Bulls beat the Cavs in the first round of the 1988 playoffs but eventually fell to the Pistons in the 2nd round

1989-black/cement IV's
MJ's team finally made it out of the 2nd round beating Cleveland 3-2,  New York 4-2 but eventually losing to the Pistons 4-2

1990-black/metallic V's
Chicago reached the Eastern Finals once again beating Milwaukee 3-1 and Philadelphia 4-1 but still couldn't get past the Defending Champion Pistons. The Bulls would lose 4-3.

1991-black/infrared VI's
This year MJ and the Bulls finally put the pieces together to win their first ever championship. The Bulls prevailed against New York, Philly and Detroit before a Finals Dream match against the Lakers.

1992-black/red VII's (If you say Raptors, please log out and never come back!)
Repeating wasn't as easy as it looked. The Bulls fought past Miami, New York and Cleveland before facing the Trailblazers in the Finals.

1993-black/red VIII's
3Peat! The Bulls toughest playoff opponents tested MJ and company but still came up empty handed. Chicago beat Atlanta, Cleveland, New York and Phoenix to cap off MJ's first stint with the Bulls!


1995-black/shadow X's, white/black/concord XI's, Air Flight Ones, and Space Jam XI's
MJ'sreturn to the post season began with him wearing a PE version of theblack/shadow X's with his #45 stitched on the side against theCharlotte Hornets.

Once the Bulls entered the2nd round against the Magic, MJ was given a test pair ofwhite/black/concord XI's. As the story goes, Tinker Hatfield pleadedwith MJ to not wear the shoes as they were only a test pair. MJcouldn't resist and wore them anyways. He wore them for a few games butwas warned by the league to switch back to a primarily black shoe sincethe Bulls wore primarily black shoes. deja vu?

MJthen broke out a pair of Penny Hardway's Air Flight Ones for one game.Rumor has it that MJ borrowed a pair from Penny's personal stash butcut off the heel tab that had Penny's #1 on it.

Forthe remaining games of the Magic series, MJ sported the infamous SpaceJams. (Technically they were just the black/white XI's since the moviehadn't come out yet)

1996-black/red XI mids and lows
MJ's first full season back had the Bulls on a mission. After a record setting 72 win season, the Bulls would face Miami, New York and a rematch with Orlando. Chicago would eventually play the Sonics in the Finals before reclaiming thier throne.

1997-black/white XII's for home games and black/red XII's for away games
Washington, Atlanta and Miami were simply speed bumps on rout to a June matchup vs. Utah. Chicago would prevail 4-2 in the finals, capturing their 2nd straight ring.

1998-black/white XIII's for home games and black/red XIII's for away games, black XIII lows and black/red XIV's
The "Last Dance" as it would be known as showcased the Bulls beating Washington, Charlotte and Miami before a rematch with the Jazz. MJ's last shot with the Bulls will forever be engrained in NBA History!

black/white XIII low PE's

black/red XIII low PE's

During the Finals, newsbroke that he'd be wearing the black/red XIV's. Sure enough, MJ worethem for a few games while also sealing the deal on the Bulls 6th Ring.



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Here's a listing of what shoes MJ wore during each season....

My memory gets a lil foggy in MJ's early years, but from 1990 on up, this list is pretty accurate...Thanks to Air J XIII for additional information

84-85 Air Ships, Air Train and Air Jordan I's

86-87 Air Jordan II high  all season, wht/black-red for road games and the wht/red-grey all home games, he also used both black and white laces for the wht/black-red

87-88 Air Jordan II lows until all-star weekend, once again wht/black-red on the road, wht/red-grey at home, wht/cement IIIs for the rest of the regular season, then fire red IIIs for the playoffs

88-89 Fire red IIIs until all-star break. Wore Nike Air Alpha Force's for a game or two.  Wht/cement IVs for the rest of the season, blk/cement IVs for the playoffs. It was Brad Sellers' idea to wear black shoes for "team unity" 

89-90  Fire red IVs until all-star break, wht/black midsole-red Vs for the rest of the season, blk/silver Vs for the playoffs

90-91 Wore White/Fire Red V's thru All Star Break. Wore Black/Infrared VI's in ASG. Finished regular season wearing White/infared VI's. Black/infrared VI's in the Post Season.

91-92 Wore Carmine VI's thru All Star Break. Bordeux VII's in ASG. Finished regular season wearing White/red VII's. Black/red VII's in Post Season. Olympic VII's in Barcelona

92-93 Wore Cardinal VII's thru All Star Break. Aqua VIII's in ASG. Finished regular season wearing white/red VIII's. Black/red VIII's in Post Season.

93-94 Wore black cleated version of Air Jordan IX's and X's with Birmingham Barons AA Baseball team

94-95 Returned to NBA on March 19th 1995 wearing white/red/black "Chicago" X's for remainder of the season. During the Post season, MJ wore black/shadow X's against the Charlotte Hornets. In the 2nd round, MJ wore white/black/concord XI's, Air Flight Ones, and Space Jam XI's.

95-96 Wore white/black XI's during regular season, white/columbia XI's during ASG, black/red XI mids and lows during Post season.

96-97 Wore white/black and white/red XII's during regular season. black/white XII's during ASG. In the post season MJ wore black/white XII's for Home Games and black/red XII's for away games.

97-98 Wore white/black and white/red XIII's for regular season. black/white XIII's for ASG. Jordan also wore a pair of ORIGINAL white/black/red I's for his last visit at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks. In the post season, MJ wore black/white XIII's for home games and black/red XIII's for away games. MJ also sporadically wore black/red and black/white low top versions of the XIII's. In the Finals, MJ wore black/red XIII's and black/red XIV's.

98-99 retired
99-00 retired
00-01 retired

01-02 Wore variety of shoes during this season. Wore Ginger XVI's in pre season, white/blue XVII's in regular season, white/lightining XVII lows in ASG. Also wore cool grey XI's.

02-03 Also wore a variety of shoes during the season. Wore white/black/copper XVIIi+'s for the start of the season, white/blue XVIII's much of the regular season and ASG. Wore white/red XVIII's with "Bullets" throwback jerseys. Also wore True Blue III's, French Blue VII's, Cool Grey IX's, white/red and white/blue Jumpman Team FBI's.
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Great pictures and info!

A nice trip down memory lane for sure.....i miss watching MJ on the NBA on NBC

and 1000 post...holla

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That brings back old memories!  I still remember watching Mike in the old Chicago Stadium.  My first game was in 1989 against the Knicks.  Good time!

I have an authentic NBA basketball autographed by Melo with Upper Deck Authentication and a authentic Jordan M3 all star/olympic version autographed by Melo with Timeless Sports authentication up for sale and/or trade for DS size 13 Jordans.  E-mail me at [email protected] if you want to see pics and learn more!  

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This kind of thread is a significantly fundamental thing here in NT. Very educational & nostalgic too.
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Great thread the nostalgia is overwhelming right now! So many memories growing up watching MJ and the great players he faced as well. Blessed to say I witnessed it!
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Wow this a Great Thread! It really brings back the memories of Watching Mike Play among the many other Greats in his day, make wanna Find that Old "I wanna be, wanna be......wanna be like Mike"........ Damn I'm old
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thanks for the awesome thread!

brings back memories of me watching the 1998 finals against the jazz and my dad always telling me to "calm down" when the bulls game were on cuz i'd be hyper

but question:  did MJ actually wear the white/cement 4s?
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