Oh I'm sorry, Did I Break Your Conversation........Well Allow Me A Movie Thread by S&T

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I assume you watched it as a straightforward origin film, right? Everything you saw, the mental health, getting more and more crazy, culminating in going on gameshow and shooting DeNiro. Right?

Ok, now go backwards with me. Remember the very beginning, he's with his mom, watching the show, then day dreams he's in the audience, and DeNiro and everybody loves him, etc? Then later, he goes to get the file on his mother. Picture that scene. 70'sish dingy yellow walls, dim lighting, etc. Just real old, and ugly, etc. At the very end, he comes out of the room with the blood on his feet, and he's in the exact same hospital. (Arkham) The walls are gleaming white. The floor is gleaming white. The lighting is bright and vibrant.

It was all in his head. The movie was in his head. The "girlfriend" he didn't really have, he wasn't Thomas Wayne's son, the city is not out there celebrating The Joker. In fact, he went on a game show, AS Arthur Fleck, kills the host, and the entire news world wouldn't announce EXACTLY who he was? They'd all conveniently forget his name was Arthur Fleck and just keep callin him Joker cuz he asked, ONE TIME, to a person he later killed?

At the end, the nurse asks, what's so funny........."You wouldn't understand"

It was all in his head. Everything you watched. So in a sense, you can view the movie two ways. Straightforward, or how he wants you to view things, the way he sees them.
I came to the conclusion it was in his head especially with the imaginary girlfriend.

Movie was still meh to me. If they really wanted to make it compelling, they should have had childhood scenes of the joker and whatever trauma that led to him caulminating in the joker. Alot of people's childhoods ultimately shapes who they become as an adult.

Heath is still the better joker to me. His character was resolute. Joaqiun's joker was confused and unsure of himself.

Another thing too I noticed at the end with Murray on the gameshow. I noticed joker's voice sounded like a stereotypical gay voice. Don't know if it was intentional and what they were alluding to
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