*PHILADELPHIA EAGLES* Official 20-21 Off-Season Thread: SCHEDULE IS OUT

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still want Caldwell above everyone else
the more I think about it, I agree.. can’t deny what he did and they/we didn’t give him enough credit and were quick to give it to others but he was the constant

I want gruden for new ideas, as well plus incite on those offenses that came from him.. but dude’s attitude
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Also Lurie is still gunning for the Kelly green alts. Im
Down for it but it gotta be 90s era Reggie White/Randall or 70s era Jaws
Gotta be 90s Randall/Barnett/Eric Allen color! I still wear my Reebok Randall Kelly Green throwback every game day (it's almost 12 years old now). I love Wentz but won't by a Vapor Elite Authentic until they bring back Kelly Green! It's the only jersey I want!
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Review: JJAW was forced into playing time due to multiple receiver injuries. He didn’t look ready for the moment. JJAW dropped a game-winning touchdown on the Eagles’ final play of the game in Week 3. He then couldn’t get on the field behind an incredibly unproductive Hollins. JJAW’s playing time increased with Jeffery getting hurt and Hollins geting cut but he didn’t do much with those extra snaps. He dropped another touchdown in Week 15 and generally looked lost on the field, often running wrong routes. Really just a bad rookie season.

Outlook: The idea that JJAW needs some time to develop might have some merit. But it’s entirely possible he’s just not very good. So many other rookie receivers showed so much more promise than JJAW did in 2019. I don’t know how the team could possibly view him as a sure bet to take a big step forward in 2020. I mean, hopefully that’s the case, but what reason is there to feel super confident that’s going to happen?

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Watching the lack of respect DBs had for dude and he just couldn’t do anything about it

I’m amazed he even ran 4.49..
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I won’t say if JJAW is a bust or a potential good WR off 1 season. He could be great in a year or 2 or he could be trash. But guys can struggle to adjust to the league and figure it out.

A good example is Roddy White. Not JJAW level Trash but he had 29 catches on 69 targets and less than 500 yards receiving his rookie season. Year 2 he only had 500 yards receiving. Then from year 3-8 he never had less than 1153 yards in 1 season. So let’s see what happens year 2.
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yea.. like having someone non WCO to come in and introduce new ideas to the room

especially passing concepts
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