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The thing is, a lot of the MAGA crowd was up in arms saying he should apologize and that he's a terrible person for what he posted. Obviously he was 100% in the wrong for publicly posting that but there's a precedent for a rostered player doing or saying something racist, which would be Riley Cooper. It wasn't like an old clip from when he was 16. He was already on the squad and used the N word clear as day and didn't get cut. So following that precedent, DJax being cut shouldn't be on the table.
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If my memory serves me Didnt kkkooper say "ima kill every ****** in here"
Yup. Hard R too. I don't agree with someone publicly saying something that will knowingly offend a lot of people, but you can't let one person slide and then punish the second person doing something similar.

District of Columbia

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Not going for the Farrakhan slander

they got all types of radical types on that side .. he cool wit me even though some **** he say i don’t get with
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There's a lot of hypocrisy in the NFL but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be a reckoning. At some point, something's got to give.

And you can't support an anti-racist movement by espousing discriminatory beliefs yourself. I mean, you can ... but your credibility is shot.

And if you're looking to Farrakhan for leadership on this issue, I'd ask that you flip the anti-semitic things he has said and substitute whatever your background is for Jews. No doubt--he's done and said some positive things. He may even be, on the whole, a positive force. But people aren't pulling from those positive parts of his leadership in this context.

Ultimately, this kind of stuff is a distraction from a positive movement. And DeSean Jackson helped create that distraction--a supposed anti-racist espousing discriminatory beliefs, pitting minorities against each other, wittingly or unwittingly.
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the kkkoooper aspect definitely adds a whole other aspect to this thing

Bomani was great on the whole thing
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People losing their job over a social media post is ridiculous to me (in any industry). Unless it's constant and/or malicious behavior. It doesn't seem to me that Djax was either of those. He posted one thing, caught the backlash, and apologized.... And people are calling for his job?!?!? In what world can you get fired from your job for posting a quote online (I know, I know, it was a terrible quote). I don't care about precedents or none of that. What he did was obviously not a good look but I just don't see how firing him would solve anything. Maybe I'm the one who's crazy though.
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was more than just the Hitler quote

obviously the Hitler related ones got the headlines.. But the Farrakhan related one is problematic as hell too
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I think he'll be suspended a game by the team, he's tried to clear it up but there's no clearing up that post. It was ignorant, period. If he was trying to communicate uplifting his community he did a shotty job of doing so.

Also the quote wasn't even really from Hitler lol so he did all this off some "fake news", people are way too impressionable on the internet. You would think he was old enough to not fall for it but we see it every day. Also he's big on the anti-COVID vaccine stuff too so take that how you want.
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i don’t think dude is antisemitic....

but I obviously dont know dude personally

obviously they need him to understand just how stupid those words were/are on top of being a fake quote.. but using Hitler should have been an easy clue to the content being stupidity

but who knows who he been around to even get out onto that BS and how far he has gone with all of that BS

again, I recommend listening to Bomani’s latest pod, he touches on a lot of aspects regarding it.. also the problematic stuff with the views of like ice cube and farrahkan
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He said Eagles "could" get a lot better which usually means they're not gonna do anything. Anytime there's a rumor that the Eagles are a contender for someone it falls apart
And then said player ends up on the roster the following season lol

Torrey and Alshon rumors 2016. Rostered 2017
Slay rumors 2019. Rostered 2020
Yannick/Clowney rumors 2019 :nerd:
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I.....ain’t.......mad......at......it lol

but seriously if JP is willing to make that switch instead of staying at LT I’m down


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Not mad that JP is back.
but I HOPE this isn’t the “big news” they were talking about. But I won’t be surprised if it was.
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