Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

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When did I claim to be a geto boys fan :lol: dudes weird
You don't know about the biggest rap group from the town where you're from, yeah you're weird

Vlad comes off as dumb in a lot of his interviews. I don’t know if it’s an act or if he’s that clueless about certain artists. He just a clown but interviews some people that no one else does so that’s dope. I just watched Large Professor and Sauce Money invterviews today.
It's embarrassing he actually still tries to use this DJ title

RIP sleazyy

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I think the pitched up version is the official. I like the pitched down one, that's what I have in my Apple music.

LUV playlist stay growing :smokin
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Implicate him in what way? That he tried raped her or that he tried to push up on her past her comfort zone?
Either or. I'm not putting anything past anybody but for we all know his actions may have had nothing to do with her sexually and more professionally or she even could of misinterpreted something. We dont know, the way he worded that tweet was just shocking though. Made it seem like it was a forgone conclusion that he tried to use his position to smash (which I think is illegal)

Remy LeBeau

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This my first time listening to Crooked and I'm not sure if I should be rightly disappointed. I expected super lyrical bars and what I'm getting is average raps just no drug use bars
He's not a very good solo act IMO. He was at his best when he was in Slaughterhouse.
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I agree for the most part, BUT I would like to add...

For the record, revolutionaries and the streets are not necessarily two separate worlds, and certainly weren't when you're talking about the Black Panthers.

at the notion that "BIG grew up around that life" and Pac didn't.

First, by all accounts I've heard, BIG actively sought out the "thug" route himself. I mean, the man had an educated schoolteacher for a mother, and he was the only child. All that stuff about sharing pants and going hungry was fabricated. This dude likely had a luxurious lifestyle compared to the majority of the guys in the neighborhood.

On the other hand, Pac's mother was an impoverished, formerly-incarcerated revolutionary who turned to drugs. His family was transient, moving from Brooklyn to Baltimore to the Bay, and in each place they lived in the slums and were sometimes even homeless.

Now you tell me who seems to really come from "that life." Without a doubt, both Pac and BIG were around the streets their whole lives given the communities that they lived in. By all accounts, BIG participated in the drug trade to a much greater degree than Pac did, but to act like Pac wasn't cool with the goons when he was growing up seems pretty ridiculous.
time to knock down yall king of ny :evil:
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BIG Grew up with that life?!

If by grew up with that you mean he CHOSE to live like that? There are several accounts where his mother even said he had a lot of things growing up but he CHOSE to sell drugs and do that life. Hell she even broke down his line of

"Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
When I was dead broke, man I couldn't picture this "
In the song Juicy and said he always had the newest games while he was younger. Please learn something or do some research
big a fraud
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Would love to see pac square up and actually throw his hands. It would only further expose dude.

Skip to 50 seconds.

Either you get it, or you dont.
It's public record that Pac was in and outta court getting sued for fighting, it was a fight that led to his death. That's just facts. That don't mean he was some super gangsta but when dudes act like he was some dude that lied about his upbringing or something that's just false, Everything is well documented.
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