Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

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"We were born to mother's who couldn't deal with us,
abandoned by fathers who wouldn't build with us,
I had both mine lets keep it real ******"
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Vlad comes off as dumb in a lot of his interviews. I don’t know if it’s an act or if he’s that clueless about certain artists. He just a clown but interviews some people that no one else does so that’s dope. I just watched Large Professor and Sauce Money invterviews today.
He has some of the worst transitions in history and asks some pretty silly questions. Plus he's obviously the feds


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Like I said in here before, the only stories I hear about Big fighting or pulling guns are against women. C Gutta said himself that BIG was just the smart jokester of the group. He was the muscle.

DMX also told a story about BIG and said the first time he saw him, he thought he was a clown. I'm paraphrasing but he said something along the lines of "this can't be the King of NY that everyone's talking about".


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Neither pac nor big was who *****’s thought they were.

The standard in hiphop @ the time had a good amount of guys puttin on personas that weren’t really them. Those 2 were no different but pac was pourin it on a lil too thick tho.

If you weren’t comin out hard, fans simply weren’t checkin for you like that in those days.

“The crack epidemic had rap representin new rules, so i got in them shoes. Tried em, wore em, wasnt a perfect fit so I couldn’t sport em.”


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Was just telling my friends if we could even get that Sorry for The Wait era Wayne back I’d be happy. The dude who dropped that damn diss against Kodak is big trash.

Hate seeing a legend go out like that.


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Thug’s lone saving grace is his production (which in latter years is overstated). A Cole executive produced album is the very last thing he needs :rofl:
I’m pretty lost myself why this is the beginning of a YT rollout. He had Drake EP the last one and it was trash.
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