Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

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Hopefully working with Greselda has shown Kiss he don't need to do the trendy ***** to get recognized. His last few projects sound like he don't know what sound fits him.
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Anyone know why Onyx closed down?

Was at the flame last night and there was somewhat of a no-hands policy... wasn't like that at all at Onyx last year. Joint was slamming though and of course I was using hands.
They was supposed to be remodeling/renovating months ago, _’s ain’t heard **** since :lol: :smh:
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Strippers didn't wanna get naked for grimey ???

Should've told em your cousins are scammers, bet they'd skin out for you
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Talking about "I been kicked out of better establishments than this"

Yimmy waited 20 years to get that bop, Chrissy, who been ran through by the whole Harlem. Poor picture to use......

I been getting h****

I hate when y’all ignite that simp-style dialogue
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