Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

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I hate this commercialization of depression. That **** isn’t fun for anyone who’s really gone/going through it.
It's such a gimmick right now, an easy card you can use to gain attention.

Dude stalley got his head tatted? :lol:

I've on and off listened to Stalley for awhile, and him being away from MMG has been good for him. Seemed out of place despite the good production. He's had some nice recent releases.
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Giving this NoCap Backend Child and outside of him sounding just like Thug/Gunna/and others he's aight
He's got a few too many goofy bars that are just pitiful and annoying but nothing too too bad
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I just listened to I Did It My Way the other day :lol:
The Rap Pack, I'm Sinatra, Dame's Sam Davis
Big's the smart one on the low like Dean Martin
We came in this game, not begging *****s pardon
Demanding y'all respect, hand over a check
And while y'all at it, hand over the jet
We the reason they ain't hand over Def Jam so quick
They new every year I was dropping new product
I was raisin the stock up
while building the Roc up
But that's alright, cause they knew they had to see us
When it was time for us to re-up, make us multi-million-ires

Chea chea cheah!!!

:pimp: :pimp: :pimp:


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jay really is underrated.

when you actually LISTEN to dude, its so obvious that most aren’t catching what he says.

i think alotta peoples ears have been glazing over some of his lyrics. I was guilty of it for awhile myself.

theres WAY more commentary in his music than he’s given credit for.
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