Star Wars Universe Thread, Ep 9 The Rise of Skywalker 12/19/19

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Joined Nov 16, 2014
Finished Rebels
Kanans death had me a lil treay eyed but he had the most honorable death because if he didn’t do that, the whole crew would of been killed. Curious to see where this sequel series goes into

Finished Clone Wars Final Season
Siege of Mandalore Arc
Bruhhhhhhhh Dave Filoni and his crew WENT WILD on this final arc! I knew what was gonna happen but I never been on the edge of my seat like that before! HOLY ****!
Ahsoka vs Maul duel was HYPED AF!! It was so fluid, real skill, and art at work here bravo to the team. This arc is by far the best Star Wars to date and that’s counting the movies! They gotta give Filoni his due for a live action movie because he jus “gets it”

What a great payoff after years of build up. I feel like I’ve witnessed some sort event within Star Wars. Mannnnnn what a way to end a great series!
Joined Feb 6, 2007
I just now finished the Disney Thrawn trilogy.

It concludes with Thrawn/Palleon heading to Lothal to deal with Ezra-Rebels.
As we know, Thrawn-Ezra disappear.
The OG Thrawn-Palleon stories come 5 years after Jedi, Thrawn was in the outer regions per Palpatine orders. (Basically explaining why he was never mentioned from A New Hope thru Jedi)

Wondering how/when Disney brings this together. Thrawn could connect between Anakin-Obi Wan-Vader-Palpatine-Tarkin-Ezra-Luke-Han-Leia........
Or, he could be brought in as just Chiss and rise thru the Empire/random species discovery standalones.
Joined Apr 18, 2014
I was gonna post the freddie prinze jr. rant to star wars fans in here but realized it's damn near 7 months old. Hella late to the party. :lol:

Anyway half way through season 2 of clone wars and didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I have.

Mark Antony

Joined Apr 30, 2010
Great rant though. I even fall victim to forgetting sometimes this is George's world, the force is what he says it is, and children must always be the ones getting the most out of this universe.
Joined Oct 9, 2006
Wait. So the name "Tatooine" is first mentioned in ESB??? It was never mentioned in ANH?! Really?!
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