Star Wars Universe Thread, Ep 9 The Rise of Skywalker 12/19/19

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Joined Feb 13, 2005
I might need a nap before this 9:30 showing :lol:

Work is dead and I'm trying my best to avoid spoilers on Reddit and the rest of the internet.

Sir San Diego

formerly brolic scholar
Joined Feb 20, 2011
TFA was always some warmed up reheated rehash by JJ. That's what he does.

Expect the same for IX.

Seems a lot of yall got sold a bridge in Brooklyn.
After reading the spoilers I’m not that excited to see this movie. Are the battles worth it? The story seems to be hot garbage.


formerly pleasesaythebaby23
Joined Apr 15, 2006
Biggest Star Wars fan. This movie let me down. Didn’t even feel like that feeling when you watch a Star Wars film for the first time
Joined Nov 20, 2007
I'll probabaly see this tomorrow depending on how cold it is.

Guess I got my fingers crossed. I'm a SW fan but I guess casual compared to my fandom for Trek or Marvel. Especially given I'm nowjere near as harsh on the prequels. Hoping for a good story though cuz besides acting the story is the main thing I focus on above all else.
Joined Oct 16, 2015
mannnn movie has me HOT. felt way too DISNEY. movie had it's good and bad moments. but the bad moments stayed in my mouth even after i left. doesn't even have me excited for the next one. i can't wait to talk spoiler free so i can see if ya'll let out an SMH at one particular scene like i did.
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