The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards Thread 2020 January 26th on CBS

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Wonder what everyone in category with Lizzo thinkin when they got a song they dropped in 2019 competing against one from a whole 2 years ago and was a flop
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I hate that the Nip song was a way for Khaled to promote himself and to plaster his fat face on TV

I couldn't understand what YG was saying and the edits didn't help

Meek was the best part to me.
Meek should win an award for image rehabilitation after getting destroyed by Drake. Props to him.
Lets do a tribute to Nipsey by not showing him actually winning a Grammy and show Lauren for two seconds but instead we get to honor him by showing people synaomous with his career; Khaled, Legend,and Franklin. At least it seemed like YG and Meek didn’t feel fake.


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I love Nipsey but this song wasn’t song of the year. Lil Baby got robbed.Happy he got a Grammy though.
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The fat car salesman should have let Lauren or Sam speak instead of hogging the time.
“I want to thank Nips family for allowing us to use his passing to sell records.”

I also have a feeling that Lauren and Blacc Sam wanted no parts of being up there
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Listened to Billie Elish. Is she a singer? Mumble singer?

How Dababy or NBA YoungBoy ain get best new artist. The both had great years.
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NBA Youngboy and Da Baby? :lol: they definitely did not have better years
Billie is a talented kid who had a major year. The music isn't really for me, more for a younger crowd, she's a kid herself, but I can't dispute any of the awards she won, all seemed deserved
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Dababy had a YEAR if we being honest. Not saying Billie didn’t but to say dababy ain’t have a big year is crazy
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