The official '20 NYK off-season thread, potato head is back!!

Metta World Peace for head coach?

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Joined Jun 15, 2013
Cant believes dudes thought the outcome was going to be different yesterday.

These are the same dudes that blew like a 20 point lead to the sorry as Sixers.

That's why I watch games till half time. LoL
Joined Jul 13, 2005
Can someone watch today and let us know how the offense and ball movement looks without Morris. Got no cell service at work. Curious to know how the lineups are without a Randle or Morris on the floor at same time.
Joined Nov 20, 2007
With Frank out I'm hoping Knox shows out with the chances he's getting. I dont like that he's one of the guys being benched.

Also this is Smith's chance to really show and prove.
Joined Jul 18, 2012
dot, knox and dennis smith are all playing pretty ok

hopefully it gets through to fiz (but probably not)

Mister Meaner

formerly super producer j
Joined Mar 24, 2007
I'm blaming my uncle who was in my ear hating on the Knicks all game. Son leaves at half time then comes back at the 5 min mark of the 4th.

I know the Knicks are ***, but this one's on him.
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