**..:The Official Jewelry Thread Vol. 11: AFTER 12 YEARS NINJAHOOD GOT DA JESUS PIECE & CHAIN:..**

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Anyone ever deal with Zaythejeweler on ig? Looking for some guidance on some fronts, his seem to fit well
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I think this guy who was posted a few years back had the same type of Jesus piece as Big Pun
an Niketalk said they were close in tracking down who may have made it but they never followed up. Ninjahood tracking down the Ghostface Jesus to the actual catalog was very epic. NT'ers who liked the NLV Jesus, what chew think of the XXL magaine type Jesus that Nore is wearing

I think it's made by Joe Rodeo, this is from Traxnyc's insta from a few years back. if this were asymmetrical I think it would be really good. the hair is still wavy either way, it's actually a pretty dope piece IMO.
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Anyone know a good place to buy a cuban link that isn't a pawnshop? It seems like all the Miami spots are "cash for gold" places. I've heard horror stories about scrap gold pieces
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I’m in the market to get a 11-12mm Cuban. I'm guessing a 24 inch will be maybe around 250-270 grams. Which Spot in Miami is the best? Also if It helps I’m willing to fly to Miami and pick it up and pay in cash if it’s significantly cheaper.
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try calling those spots in miami so you get an idea of much you are spending before flying there
Leons, reys, grimal and cmg
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I like that Posta Boys medallion, simple and to the point. the Roc chain is prolly far moar creative and of course The Tito but the Death Row & down souf record label medallions are pretty kool when they're sturdy. I also like the grey/white metal, I would like to see a mass move towards it again but I think a lot less ppl wear jewels compared to the last time it happened. I'm also thinking rose gold may still be the alternative to yellow for ppl who are really ballin like that since the high end watches use that material.
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