The official LBJ IV review Post !!!

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zoom bottoms out after a while ... hasnt happened yet on my pair, but i rotate my ballin kicks. it may also be your feet gettin used to how the insole feels. i had to go a complet size down from m y normal 10.5 in these, the 9.5 are hard to get on but have that lockdown feel of the ZL2s i was looking for, so it was definitely worth it. its a way more responsive shoe, the articulated arch is also closer to my own, i dont know why they run so big, but im happy i tried different sizes to get the one that was right. as far as weight of the shoe, thats seems a little nit picky. I think that ken link has done well in the last 12 months the ZK2 and the ZL4 are AMAZING peices of footwear.

the weight isnt an issue and im only 5'8" 155 so, all you guys bigger need to hit up a gym or something.
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you may want to see if you can replace the insole, if you cant it may be time for a new sneaker ... usually my zoom will last a few years of HARD PLAY (4/5x a week for 3/4 hours) before i notice it isnt as lively as it was when i first got them. but then again depending on how its shaped and how dense it is, also affects the lifespan, i havent played the the brons much but they dont seem to have bottomed out yet for me, actually they are probably the 2nd/3rd nicest zoom ive felt with the 18/19s being top tier in cushioning ... zk2 is also in that class as well.
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pretty good review

in my opinion weight is really not a factor... unless u got weak legs. ur legs support the rest of ur own body weight so wearing these is really not going to affect ur game. i prefer lighter sneakers like the jordan xiv and xx2, but its not that big of a deal. ive seen people play wearing tims. people just exaggerate wit this weight issue.

traction is great... not the best of all time (xiv, xviii, xx2) but still great compared to the rest out now.

fit is awesome... feels like wearing a pair of socks. its in between true to size and 1/2 a size big. the shoe itself looks huge but still a beauty. you can go down a half size for a lockdown fit when playing ball. im usually 9.5 and i have both a size 9.5 and 9... i like wear the size 9 and have the 9.5 DS (maybe for future use)

cushioning is butter... you'll feel the zoom air instantly. smooth and responsive

overall great shoe and durable... built for players of all positions, unless ur a skinny weak guard. btw... it has minimal creasing due to the foamposite.

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How goods the traction?

ive heard it was pretty good
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By far,the best basketball shoes in my closet, and I am a HUGE shox guy !

Minimal break in time,good traction, and excellent cushioning! :D
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my only issue with the shoe is that it's proportions seem a bit off. it fits true to size in terms of width, but then it fits 1/2 a size bigger in length.

i'm a 10, but i got a 9.5 in the wests. i'm gonna swap the insoles with other (thinner) zoom air insoles and see how it performs then.
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Right out of the box, these shoes might be the best shoes I have ever played in, weight is not a problem. Better than my XXI P.E.'s which I loved and just ahead of my XIV's which I also loved to play in. Just amazing shoes.
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^phenomenal great for outdoor ball!thick rubber's like a twin brother of 20-5-5's in terms of it's performance...


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mite get me a pair if these come in blue...
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These Lebron's are worth every penny you paid for. I've got two of these and this is the best shoe to ball in! only losers talk about the weight..why bother with the weight when you are in the court focusing on the game, adrenaline rush and all? hehehe

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Ok I balled in these today adding them to the rotation of
Retro XIII's
Huarache Elites

6'5/200 G/F

They did not feel heavy when i put them on however they were kinda hard to put on, as soon as i got in wow the comfort and just general solid feeling of them was amazing I played a good 3 hours worth of 5 on 5 while they broke in easily(at least the mid foot area) the toe box made it feel like it was digging into my toes obviously it takes more then once to break em in so no worries there)
when I put my xix's on WOW the diffrence was huge. they didnt hug my feet and make them feel SOLID AND SECUREi could feel my foot move a little here and there didn't feel it with the lebrons

out of 10s
Feel: 9/10
Comfort: 9/10
Looks: 7/10
Lacing Sys: 6/10(I dont like it. they @#%$ up after the LBJ 2's cause the 3's cut up laces like razors)
GRIP: 8/10

These are definately a great shoe
my fac of the LeBron line my only worry is
The LBJ2s felt like a deflated baloon in 2 months of use
the 3's felt the same when i could get em laced up
I hope they can take my wear and tear of a active g/f

One of the best shoes out right now. thats for sure.
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lebrons r great just got my pair today!!!

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these arent comfortable to me
my arch hurts alot after just walkin around in them.

and to the person at the top of the page that says something rubs agains the front of your ankle, mine did the same thing when i first got them, made me never want to wear them ever again. on my pair, its the big seam on the inner bootie that rubbed against my ankle. and yea the zoom does loose a lil,just a lil of its bounce.

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on some real them joints look odd from the front
and official from the side and the back.
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