What sneaker made you become a Sneakerhead?

Joined Jun 27, 2007
It was the cherrywood 16’s that did it for me. My friend rocked them to school during the last week of class in 7th grade and remember seeing how clean they looked. Loved that it had a reversible gator. I was completely in love with them, almost obsessed with them. The whole summer of 2001 I was begging my mom to get them for me. They were $100 in GS sizes back in the day, which was really expensive for GS sizes. I was used to wearing white Air Force ones. I finally ended getting them in August 2001, and welp, the rest was history from there.
Joined Apr 9, 2017
Air Force 1s back when I was in HS, I guess. I think I still have my original white/navy pair... somewhere.
Joined Nov 30, 2012
The shoe that I fell in love with at first site was the WC4s that originally dropped. That shoe started everything for me.
Joined May 24, 2014
The shoe that I fell in love with at first site was the WC4s that originally dropped. That shoe started everything for me.
I’ve never owned a 2, 4, or 9. I’m dying for a solid pit of 4s lately. Classic silhouette
Joined Sep 5, 2010
OG 8s for me.

Explained my whole “sneaker love story” and origin as well in a vid. Check out your boy if you want to discuss more/see an actual throwback rotation in 2019.

Joined Jan 8, 2020
Eastbay magazine.. My parents were big on "buy what you need not want" so i got 1, 2 if lucky, pairs of shoes a year and they were always something from the clearance rack.. I had to admire shoes from afar.. Finally got my first job at 15yo and bought a pair of fake 6s from a local streetwear store since i couldn't drive and it was right across the highway from my job.. Bro, the jumpman on the back wasnt even holding a ball.. I knew they were fake but i was just happy to have a Jordan silhouette on my feet!

The first pair of legit sneakers for me were the Jordan 2 low (metallic silver/maize) '05 release but i think i got them in '06 for like $90.. Took off from there and eventually started venturing off into other brands/models/etc.

Joined Sep 7, 2011
My parents brought me the jordan 1s back in 1985. i was 2 year old. Kindergarten i had the fire red IV. 2nd or 3rd grade. i had the black/infared 6s and diamond turf. 4th grade i remember having the nike air force max CB. 5th grade i had the OG Jordan X. 6th grade i had the OG concords. 7th grade i remember my parents taking me to foot locker beforre school to get me those blk/red 12s. However i had jordans throughout HS amd it just stuck with me throughout college and my adult life.
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