What sneaker made you become a Sneakerhead?

Joined Jan 24, 2007
Nike Air Garnett III. Too bad these "Air 3" retros don't have the Garnett name and Tuned Air, so I'm keeping my OG pair alive.
Joined Jul 7, 2009
i used to always have the new iversons when i was really little. started with the questions then i had the new pair each year for the next 5 years. now i hateiverson....back before i ever even played organized basketball my dad got me the og playoff 12s and 13s and i think i had the 15s for "school shoes".
6th grade i got these and have been in love ever since:
Joined Jul 2, 2009
the shoes that trutfully made me a sneakerhead was the jordan 1 barons i have not stopped collecting since then
Joined Jun 25, 2006
I hate the term 'sneakerhead', I just like sneakers, they don't consume all my thoughts and values...

But...Seeing Air Max 95s when they first came out when I was a kid, I was mesmerized by the air units. My mom was still buying me cheaper kicks then, usuallyNikes without visible air. Every time I went shoe shopping, I would squeeze every air sneaker I saw.

By the late 90s, I was into skateboarding and for a few years it was all about eS or D.C, anything that would last.

Then, as much as I hate to admit it, SBs got me back to Nikes. In 2002, when the Gino 1s and Supas were featured in strength magazine, I was dying for a pair.Around that time, Supreme was really the only place to go for SBs, maybe one or two other shops had them in New York City. From that point on, it was all aboutdunks when I could afford them.

I've been buying dunks and air force 1s since then, but after 2004, I was done with new releases and moved on to scoping out pairs I missed out on in thepast.
Joined Mar 13, 2017
So OK I see how this thread is mad old but I found it extremely interesting and wanted to reply anyways. Probably a lot of different kicks? The 1 thing that always sticks out in my mind was when my older brother got the og blk metallic air Jordan 5's. Also, in middle school seemed like the og air Jordan 6's, both shoes & clothes were everywhere. Not to mention these dope grey & yellow bo Jackson's I had back then, and lastly this spoiled kid who lived in walking distance from me would get the newest j's, jerseys, coats..etc every year. So once I was old enough to have a lil bit of my own $ decided to turn my shoe swag on a hundred billion thousand!! Do I need all those kicks no, will I continue to buy a pair every chance I can? YES 2 b clear though I do wear my shoes.
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Nice grave dig :lol: I was 18 when i made this thread, im 25 now
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I am in love with these basketball pairs, Nike LeBron Soldier 10 FlyEase. I will be purchasing this pair soon.

Meanwhile, I currently use this pair for my daily walks and this has been the most comfortable footwear in my experience. I bought it last year and I have been wearing it eversince. 
Joined Oct 6, 2016
 Black Infrared 6.  I was ten years old.  The first look I ever had of them was in the wheaties calender that came sealed around the box.  I now have that pic framed next to my Infrareds.  I was a my grandmas house and they always had wheaties and they would let me put as much sugar as I wanted on them.  Though it was great.  Anyways, the snowball started with those shoes.
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Grape 5s.

The color way is so wild. A purple jordan? In a line that was almost always red/black/white and a blue color way here and there, where the hell did they get the idea for a giant, fluffy grape purple tongue and emerald hits?

I'm very nostalgic with the 90s and everything from there and to me the 5s, more than any other model, represent the bright, flamboyant style of the early 90s. Couple that with Will Smith rocking them in season 1 and you have a sneaker that practically smells like 1990 when you take it out the box.

I would never part with my '13 pair regardless of the trash quality. I'm patiently waiting for the day they bring them back with big emerald Nike Air embroidery on the heel. If they do them like they did last year's BM5s, I'm satisfied.
Joined May 4, 2013
Cement 3s back in 1988. My dad bought them for me back when we lived in Georgia. They were GS, but they were still "neat" to me back then even without the "Air Bubble". But I don't consider myself a "sneakerhead" or even a collector because my "collection" pales in comparison to what many of you guys have, and it wasn't until 08 I started buying sneakers for myself again, but even then it was only once or twice a year.
Joined May 30, 2003
this is circa 2002-2003 when i was introduced to niketalk by my homie back in college

heineken dunks because sb's were the equivalent to yeezyboosts back then

white/cement 3s...my first jordan retros when they released in 03. still wear em.

neon 95s were my gateway into airmaxes
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