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    Legit Check: Banned Air Jordan 1s (2017 Restock)

    Yup, definitely fake and that story is a lie, unless his friend lied to him. Doesn’t really matter though. That box label is terrible. The EURO, UK and cm sizes are definitely the wrong font and one I’ve personally never seen fakes use until today. Typically they try to use a font a lot closer...
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    GOAT APP legit?

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    Price Check on the 2015 Air Max 95 Neon

    I’d say average the last 5 or so sales and go with that if you feel that’s reasonable. Here are a bunch of recent/semi recent sales on this shoe and this size.
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    Air Jordan 6 dmp

    Anytime man, glad to help out. Yeah you’re right, fakes are getting pretty good and can sometimes be hard to authenticate for most. So many different areas to look at to be able to tell one from another. eBay can definitely be a dangerous place to buy retros if you’re not sure on what to look...
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    Air Jordan 1 Royal Toe Legit Check

    Anytime bud
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    Air Jordan 6 dmp

    Anytime man, glad to help out. Flight club is pretty good at what they do and they’ve been doing it for a while. That being said there are still people doing the job and there’s always room for error when a human is doing something. I’m sure they’ve mis-authenticated something at some point so...
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    Air Jordan 6 dmp

    Yeah those definitely look authentic to me man. I bought 2 pair when they dropped and they both came from authorized retail locations in the states and they are identical to yours. I’ve seen authentic Nike/Jordan’s with that tag in the past. I’m not sure why they do that overseas with the tag...
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    Air Jordan 1 Royal Toe Legit Check

    Those pics were perfect. Yeah man, those logos look good to me as well. I’d say these are authentic.
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    bred 11 legit check

    Excellent call man. I’m also curious and would love to see what they actually look like or how bad they are.
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    Air Jordan 6 dmp

    They look good to me man. Can you post a pic of the side panel of both shoes inside and outside? Also, if you can pull the insoles without damaging them can you do that and post a pic of the footbed while the insoles are removed ? I can’t imagine these are fake not too mention these were highly...
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    Air Jordan 1 Royal Toe Legit Check

    Nothing really stands out to me as fake on these. Just like your other J 1’s, I’d say these are authentic as well. Can you post a nice close, clear pic of the wings logo ?
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    Air Jordan 1 Blue Chill Help Question

    Yes KOF is incorrect. I gotta be honest and although I know you don’t know this but I’ve been a member for a while here and StudentDriver is the extremely good at authenticating Jordan 1’s and seems to know a ton about that Jordan model in particular. I fully trust his opinions on J 1’s. Aside...
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    Anytime man, glad to help out.
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    Air Jordan 1 Blue Chill Help Question

    Student driver is correct. They only produced these in women’s sizes. Visit StockX and have a look. Also, while you’re there compare the swoosh shape of the pic on SX to yours. You’ll see the swoosh shape is definitely off and not correct. Another thing I noticed is If you look at the heel areas...
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    Need help yeezy v2 zebras

    I can’t say 100% fake because these aren’t the best pictures to use for a LC but, if it were me I personally would pass on these. The shape doesn’t look correct to me, the size tag seems to be using a different font than the 5 listed sizes on the size tag. The number 6 on the production date...
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