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Joined Jan 7, 2003
DAMN her in these pics look like those fake edits in movies, like Forrest Gump meeting JFK. LOL. She out here being a THOT before it was even a name for it. Chick was wack to me.
And she was no more than 16 or 17 in that PAC pic. He died in 96, and she was born in 1979 :sick::sick::sick::sick::sick:

She was 16-19 years old in most those photos.

Aaliyah was FINE AF. Rihanna and Beyonce got luckyyyyyyyyyy

She was far and away, the #1 female music sex symbol during that time. In black music circles
Joined Dec 14, 2004
Too soon for 7s

Would love some FP3s but I know Nike would completely butcher them. Not have the straps or make a 3.5, something awful.
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