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this is a perfect example of a brand getting away with a bad movie

if the last jedi was a dc universe movie it would have an 8% rating on rotten tomatoes right now

a total mess

right now im hoping at the end of episode 9 its revealed that r2d2 was dreaming all along and that nothing that was in episode 7 and 8 really ever happened
Damn :rofl:
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Saw IM2 earlier and it was more of a mess than I remembered. They were trying to do way too much. Should've just focused on Tony and the issues with his arc reactor and had a different villain. Vanko was weak. The US govt and Rhodey plot didn't need to be on there. That house party scene was just bad. Wasn't too bothered by it because Black widow was appreciated, but she and Fury wasn't really needed. Justin Hammer was annoying. And how Tony found the element for his arc reactor felt forced and lazy. I'm guessing this film was rushed into production after IM1 success and not enough time was given to properly develop it because I remember Favreau had issues with it. Overall it was a really messy film with a lot of forced elements


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Just playing devil's advocate here but has anyone considered that the mcu would not exist without Bucky?

If he didn't kill Tony's parents, would Tony have grown up to become the man who becomes Iron Man?

If he wasn't friends with Steve, would Steve have kept trying to join the army and thus, become Captain America?

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