POWER THREAD (Sun., Starz)

Joined Dec 28, 2003
When does this start?

I'd be down to check it out, but I'm about to ditch all the cable channels that don't have Boxing.
Joined Sep 2, 2010
I like the concept, but I hope they don't focus on the small time stuff (drug dealer & night clubs).. Bring this character on the level of Reginald F lewis, or something fif! :pimp:
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i kinda wish the lead actress was different.  Naturi still seems like the same little girl from 3LW, I was shocked to see that she's actually 30
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Only thing that looks good about this is ol girl who played Lil Kim a.k.a. ShaDynasty.
Joined Nov 27, 2009
seems cool. Corny writing and acting is bad but ill watch

The one chick he met at the club in the red dress tho..had to bite my fist
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Joined Jun 21, 2010
First episode was okay, it has potential, but It all depends on where they take the story and character development. I've set my DVR to record the series, so only time will tell. If this was on HBO, I'm sure it would have been a lot better. Timing is perfect tho, no Boardwalk until the fall, Ray Donovan doesn't start for another month, and Shameless is not on till next year.
Joined May 23, 2005
Finally saw the first episode
Show has potential
His white Patna seem like he just gonna mess **** up
Wish they woulda found a better white dude
His dialogue or acting just seems forced
Dudes girl ain't ****
I can already tell she gonna lead to some bs
That stunt in the car :smh:
But show is cool will definitely be peeping it
Joined Dec 28, 2003
1st ep was cool. Will be a decent watch.

Surprised how much went down in the 1st ep. Usually these kinds of shows unfold over time.

Ol' girl from 3LW get naked for nothin'!
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