Recommend a shoe with great heel cushion

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  1. ChrisChicago2


    Oct 8, 2017
    ive been out of the sneaker loop for a few years. Couldn't get access to my old nt account but I need advice for some new basketball shoes that will hel me avoid bruising my injury I'm almost recovered from.

    I'm old, 200lbs and have a wide forefoot. From Chicago so lebron so stuff is off limits. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks
  2. wtfarabbit


    Aug 25, 2017
    Older stuff on discount (All can be had for under $100)

    Adidas: DROSE7, 2016 Crazy Explosive (Prime knit or regular), Crazy Bounce

    Nike: 2016 Hyperdunk (40ish at outlets), 2016 Hyperdunk Flyknit, KD9, Jordan 31 low or mid

    Newer stuff ($100 - 160):

    Adidas: DROSE8, 2017 Crazy Explosive PK
    Nike: Kobe AD Mid, KD10

    Your best bet would be the 31s or 2016 Flyknit Hyperdunks, both are wide foot friendly. The 31s have suspect traction though unless you get the solid rubber models.
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