Review: Air Uptempo Finesse

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Balling on a Budget

This was one of the few "impulse" purchases I have made. Usually when I want a basketball shoe, I have already decided I want it when it comes out. Most often there's great anticipation for a particular shoe's release.
The Air Uptempo Finesse, was exactly the opposite. I had seen a pic of it and really didn't pay much attention to it. However, when I was in Finish Line last week, I saw the shoe on the shelf and I immediately thought it was a great looking shoe. Combined with the fact that it was only $80 and I had a $20 Winners Circle coupon, I decided that they were worth $60 to pick up and try. After all, they had a higher cut, which I prefer, and an ankle strap. Plus they came in grey nubuck, and I didn't have any grey basketball bought them...

These fit true to size. I wear an 11 in most Nikes and these fit like the majority of kicks I wear for hoop.

Average. I have an average width foot....someone with a very narrow foot may not like them, but average to wide will find them to fit well (unless you have an extremely wide foot in which case most Nikes probably don't fit you)

Comfort (7 / 10)
While these shoes didn't feel uncomfortable in any way, they just seemed to be average. Nothing special about the comfort factor. There were no rubbing seams or anything to create blisters of discomfort or anything...just nothing that stood out.

Ankle Support (10 / 10)
By far the best feature of these shoes. The ankle strap provides great support, plus the Nike Chassis system ( a hard plastic support structure on the midfoot on both the lateral and medial sides of the shoe) helped to keep my foot locked in place, avoiding the dreaded ankle turn.

Cushioning (6 / 10)
This is the most deceiving feature of the shoe. Upon first looking at the shoe, the visable air sole looks to be an air max sole. When you further examine the air sole, you will discover that it is just a regular, encapsuled air sole, with a transparent TPU window around it. The encapsuled air is much harder than max air.
In the forefoot there is very little cushioning.
It wasn't like wearing loafers or anything, but a very average cushioning setup.

Traction (9 / 10)
The herringbone based outsole provides good traction on the court. The outsole seems thin, however and they may not last long if worn outdoors, or more than one season.

I'm 190 and I play primarily in the post. These are decent shoes for a bigger player, probably not ideal for a guard.

Overall (7 / 10)
While these shoes don't stand out in any particular way, they are decent shoes for their price. If you are a bigger player on a budget these may be a good option for you at $80. I love the look of this shoe, and that is what drew me to the purchase. They have nice looking lines and look good on the court.

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thanx man, they look nice, kinda like the higher cuts of the uptempo motion nash's they got in canada...
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wow, i love that color. good review once again. its a shame im not the same type of player as you.
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those kinda remind me of the 360 bball. Pretty nice, maybe I'll cop when they hit 40-60 or at an outlet.
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^ The 360's are much much more comfortable.
The cushioning is on another level in those.

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