**The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

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I wish these were cuffed bottom. I might cop and just tie the bottom .. I had the hoodie but 2x was too big and they didn’t have xl when I went to return it

I got like $80 in Macy’s rewards I need to find something to use it on

And back to what ya’ll were talking about. The mash up that had me rolling:rofl:was the blazer/sportscoat with the weird varsity stripes on the shoulders and a hoodie. Looks like you’re always wearing a backpack.
I got it threw a giant cookie patch on the back it’s now my pimp coat
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Thanks for all of the info. I agree about the price but it seems to be that way with all of the stadium collections. They know they can get away with it because of the hype and resellers. I think you sold me on it. When it first dropped I wasn't sure but the more I look at it the more I like/want it.
cap it it’s fire I feel like the indigo effect makes it feel vintage like you already had it for 25 years
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New cookie sweater n stuff @ the outlet.



Meh... I was never a fan of the bear in a tux dragging a tree.... and those hoodies quality is trash with the screened on Polo text..... at least the sweater doesn’t have the screened on cookie

Side note.. does anyone have 1 of these?They’re not in my Macy’s locally to try on.. was interested in the black to go with my blue/black 12s.... wanted to know if they fit more like the classic or custom fit joints


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This can be purchased right now on bloomingdales for 30% off. Quality is impecable. You wont be sorry if you buy this. Its nice thick wool. Feels smooth not too scratchy. Fit is definately true to size. Some stated that the sportsman sweater was a tad short. Not this one. Its very tts with good length.
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