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Well if we're posting art I may as well toss some of my own work in here. Did this piece a few weeks back, sketched and taken into Adobe illustrator. My own recreation of the art from the cover art of Dragon Ball, Volume 42, "Bye Bye, Dragon World!"
goku farewell (WHITE)-page-001.jpg

And I also did this one earlier this summer when I was practicing drawing sneakers, dynamic poses and playing with different perspectives. Some adjustments could be made now but it's fine imo.
7 eleven summer (skin tone test 2.5)-page-001.jpg
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Was riding around and this fiend, a good thick 5'8, holla at me that this lil dude trying to rape her.
He was a good 4'5, small dude, pants at ankles getting her drawls off right in the parking lot. Talking about, I gave her 20 dollars!.. honestly I believed him.
I doubled back, told him to start walking....
He sized me up, took off, turned to check me out again, I was staring. He was gone..
I said to her, look! Either you start swinging or you really wanted that 20!
that was it. noticed her legs were hairy af.
/Safeway on Alabama ave
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I read a comment saying that if you’re having trouble sleeping, relax all of your muscles. You might be tightening them in your sleeping position without even realizing it. I’ve tried this out many times and it has worked every time.
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