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    any other grants/advances/loans I should be applying to w/ a small business?
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    Btw forcing ppl to go to work and if they get sick they can’t have any recourse? Sounds like Mitch wants to be compliant to murder
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    My part time job cut my hours as of Aug and I think they doing some shady stuff it’s 25 hrs but 4 days a week. They purposely scheduled it like that so I won’t qualify for unemployment. I’m bout to put 3 days f this My actual job is overnight at the hospital I’m good but if I could get it I...
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    Applied last week for rental property and nothing yet what’s up?
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    Wait, hold up... Did Tory Lanez thieving self shoot Megan thee Stallion?

    Don’t know what’s funny about a man pulling a weapon on a woman B.A.N if you ask me
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    HBO'S "Insecure" [ Created by Issa Rae ► Season III: 2020 ]

    Idk man I'm financially stable I think I would still be upset but I wouldn't voice that to her directly. It has nothing to money, you just don't want to deal with a woman for the next two decades I didn't plan on seeing again. You weren't planning on being responsible for another human when it...
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    HBO'S "Insecure" [ Created by Issa Rae ► Season III: 2020 ]

    So you didn't consider the part about her having previous abortions and not wanting to do that this time bro? :lol:
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    HBO'S "Insecure" [ Created by Issa Rae ► Season III: 2020 ]

    Finally getting the girl you want and old work saying they’re pregnant :stoneface:
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    RIP George Floyd

    Bro that video of the Buffalo PD was horrific and then they resign? Lmao POSs
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    I always wonder what type of paint Acura has been using lately Joints glossy as hell
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    Someone give me the run down on the websites/app s I should be on to enter raffles other than YeezySupply?
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    MTV's The Challenge: War of the Worlds - Season 33, Page 129

    Feel like once TJ knows who's going to elimination he's choosing what it'll be What a coincidence the man with one hand having a grip challenge :lol:
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    Ultimate Karen Vol. Official I Need to See the Manager Thread

    Dude said how come he asked her to leash her dog even though that's the law because he always lets his dog run unleashed? If you want your pet to run around unleash, get a house with a yard.
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    The Combat Jack Show Thread

    Listening to Brilliant Idiots and Charlemagne mentioned Apple not being too pressed about Spotify getting exclusive deals because they get paid anytime someone downloads Spotify through the App Store. More of Rogan followers downloading Spotify means more money for Apple. It is possible Apple...
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    Dressing Better Vol 2.0

    $140 for some shorts? I need a new job.
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