AIrbrush NOOB questions

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Just picked me up an Iwata set from a local shop (TCP global
)  yesterday and have a few questions;

-Are there any sites I should visit?

-Do you use forums?

-Is it all about practice?

-Gravity feed .35mm a good starter? I'd like to be able to swap out colors easier so a bottom feeder is on my list of things to get but I just want to get better as of now.

-Any particular videos, tips, books, practice, etc that helped you?

-What do you suggest I practice on? I want to paint realistic flames n smoke, on shoes and shoe art, helmets, canvas, and auto eventually (my ruckus WILL be Bengal striped), as well as whatever comes my way like my PS3 n 4.

I have a buddy back in my hometown of Cincinnati, OH that recommended this set for $285.

My first practice that I did was after watching a few minutes after the vid.

I was getting OK results but I think my problem was the paint and paper I was using.

I was using transparent and printer paper and sometimes getting these results:

Is my guess correct? At first I thought I was just holding it in too long.

Thanks in advance. I'm really looking for a forum to join and would like one like here or one with someone that does shoes because I know there will be others for everything else.


formerly selfmadeapparel
Joined Jan 31, 2008
Airbrushing is ALL PRACTICE!!!!

The reason why your results looks like that is either because the TRANSPARENT paint you have is toooo runny


you are holding the airbrush pen wayyyy to close to the object your painting.

Hope this helps
Joined Mar 7, 2013
@selfmadeapparel thanks! I've already made some improvements and, yes, the paint was too thin.
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