Earthquake szn vol. y’all ready?

Joined Nov 27, 2007
I’ll take a quake over snow and hurricanes any day
nah, we can predict snow and hurricanes. I can prepare for those. You can do all you want to prepare for an earthquake but you have no idea when **** is going to pop off.

I remember we had an earthquake here in DC about a decade ago. That **** shutdown the whole city. We all thought it was terrorist attack. Reminded me of 9/11. Nope.....I don’t need that in my life on the regular
Joined Mar 19, 2013
Felt it but went back to bed but not before checking nt one more time :lol:

LA fam is good so. Now back to this sunshine:pimp:
Joined Apr 15, 2014
Experienced my first quake here in Utah back in March. Was a 5.6 and shook the hell out of the crib. The strangest part was about 2 minutes before the quake one of my dogs, who has crazy hearing, sprung up on my bed and woke me up. He never does that so I just thought he had to ****. I step out of bed and take a few steps and BAM everything starts shaking.... strange sensation

The government building all these D.U.M.B. has a part to play in some of this,IMO.
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