Nike Space Hippie

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really digging these 03s. apparently some retailers and nike stores are getting them although they havent said which ones yet.
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so....they ship in the box that they come in apparently, which also features a size tag/label on them..... we better start praying they are bricks because this is the easiest come up for a UPS driver
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^nah Nike can’t be that dumb
you're giving a lot of credit to a company that was shipping boxes with a huge swoosh on it and Just Do It packing tape. Idk, it says on the product page:
"We ditched the double box to ship Space Hippie shoes in a single shoebox made from re-purposed material and printed on with a plant-based ink. It all adds up to one of our lowest carbon-footprint drops ever—the Nike Space Hippie Collection."
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AJ 1 Space Hippies are fire can't wait for those

But as far as the June 11th pairs....i think i like the 04 the best in the grey/orange
then its the 01.

I like the outlandish / space boot vibes of the 03 but $180 is too much for a shoe that i wouldn't wear too often. Rather get a pair for $130 and wear them a bunch.


formerly stanleynhan
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didn’t realize there would be 2 colors for the 04 but going for the grey/orange swoosh pair

no double box shipping but bet they’re prob ship them in a bag like they do with the apparel
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