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Joined Jul 27, 2006
If they’re using the recycled materials I don’t imagine they are all coming out the same exact color. The variations in color would add to the uniqueness imo.
Joined Dec 1, 2013
Y’all stay thinking NT gauge a release Nike pushing these all over the internet and people seem to really like them even the 3 with quick release when it’s not usually well received. On that note expect a quick sellout for all 4 good luck bredren...
Joined Mar 5, 2014
01 is the most practical and wearable one I think.......with my luck tho I bet Nike will just keep kicking me in the ****!!!!:smh:
Joined Jun 25, 2015
hopefully these keep a low profile. Really want to secure the 01s then the 03s, and then the 02s in that order but things may change.
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