***Official 2020 Fantasy Football Thread***

Joined May 6, 2015
Hope Brees and MT can light up the raiders next Monday.

playing against the biggest mouth/troll in the league
As owner of both I support this message lol. I really hope the Saints get back to more traditional passing and not trying to get cute with the wildcat sets and less involvement of Taysom Hill would also be appreciated.
Joined Jul 16, 2006
2nd on waivers so got claims in for Hines and Malcolm Brown. Dropped Mack already so whoever I get will be a solid flex option going forward.
Joined May 15, 2013
I got Jonathan Taylor, go for Hines for Insurance or Malcolm Brown potential flex start. 1/2 PPR

My RBs.

James Conner
Jonathan Taylor
Duke Johnson Jr. (planning to drop for the above 2 mentioned)
Joined Jul 16, 2006
Emmanue Sanders might be a solid flex play too if he’s available. Basically should be eating up all the underneath and slot routes Thomas ran.
Joined Aug 25, 2012
5th on waivers. Ain’t no chance of getting Hines or Brown. Not sure who I would prioritize over the other though, but I think I would go with Brown > Hines if I could.

How do you guys feel about Goedert? Had a good week 1, wondering if he’s worth a waiver claim.
Joined Jan 7, 2015
Post your squad. Also does your waiver priority reset each week or stays until you use it?
I had last pick in a 12 team league .5 ppr

for waivers it says continual rolling list. That means I keep my #1 waiver if I don’t use it? This isn’t even my league. Just helping my cousin out with her team


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