Official Toronto - Outlet and Store report

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Also, does anyone know a good tailor in Mississauga? Trying to shorten the sleeves on a jacket.
Curious about this as well.

In terms of quality, Classic Fit at SQ1 did my wedding shirt in 2017 and although it looks great, I paid an arm and a leg because I just didn't know where else to go around here.

I brought some M&N shorts this summer to Studio Kim downtown and I'd be curious to see how much I would have paid getting my shirt done with the same specifications there back then just for price comparison.
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Has anyone ordered from Tres Bien Shop recently? Reading online (from posts years ago) that they mark down the price on the package to help with duty. Anyone have any further info/or get hit with major duties?
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Oneness boutique has 30% off shoes. Was gonna get something but the shipping was $48 usd. Might be good for those with po boxes
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Till 9pm tonight via FA IG post but who knows. I think they will end it early because of how big the crowd is getting.
This morning was messed up. It was supposed to open up at 10 but while I was in line, I saw them only start setting up tables at 10, then took away the tables around 10:15, then finally put them back up around 10:45 and open up the thing at 10:55 or so. Took about 10 minutes for me to enter. I thought they were going to cancel it. I was kind of hoping they just made it FCFS at that time, haha.
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Alright NT fam, found this in the vault! Enjoy!
A skinny (?!)goldhawkickz13 ? caught on camera without wearing jersey(?!)?,
I see megaman ant, dennis and wife, Bernard, ryan, Q.
Thats was summit3? Or earlier stuff like 2? That magic warmup on Q
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don't worry guys, plenty more drops in the future. looking like an L for me too..
I was pretty close to the front of the line in the morning. Seems like everyone around me won. Haha. Feelsbadman. But it's just shoes so I'm okay. Would probably never wear them because of the value TBH. Trade them for like 4 pairs.
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