Dallas police woman breaks into home of young man and shoots him to death Update: GUILTY of murder

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lol, mofo’s deputizing themselves out here, under the guise of whiteness. It’s like they think that they are on niketalk, trying to moderate threads while not being moderators. LET’S KEEP I T ABOUT THE SHOES.
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Since the family wants to forgive, Guyger’s lawyers might as we just appeal the conviction, have the conviction overturned and just let her back into society just to bring things full circle. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jean family set up a Go Fund Me account for Amber Guyger with the route they are taking.
forgot to say hope the fam protests that she gets her job back too
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So she gets a measly 10 years.
Witness gets murdered "over a drug deal".
She appeals.
Let me guess what happenes next....


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2 black men lost their lives, a black woman lost her job and the killer going free.
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I wouldn't worry yet; most individuals who go to trial usually file an appeal (if you accept a plea, you forfeit your right to appeal). Before she gets a new trial, she must be granted an appeal by a court of appeals judge or a panel of judges (not certain how they do it in Texas as I've never practiced there). Which I just don't see happening; I'd love to know what the grounds of her appeal will be.

Edit: Looks like they'll lean on Judicial Misconduct (Judge giving her a bible) as grounds for appeal and further proof of misconduct (her reaction to the DA violating the gag order). If this happens, her case will be tried again, but more than likely, the facts already established won't be retried. But it will mean a new judge and new jury, which can definitely go in her favor. All speculation at this point though.
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Her overall lack of accountability is disgusting. :smh: :smh: :smh:
I’m saying
She cried on the stand
Talking about
“I wish he woulda took the gun and killed me instead”
But u can’t do a dime
Hell might even be a nickel if u get out on parole
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