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fahim is underrated IMO.
I still feel like mach and fahim should work with Griselda.

don't get me wrong, Griselda has the torch regardless but it feels like we're getting a portion of what could be.
each of their styles are so different it would be even more like wu if fahim and mach were on wwcd. I know its not muggs' place to tell wsg how to run his company but I know i'm not the only one that feels like we're getting voltron or devastator with missing limbs.
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I actually like Mach better when it's him and God Fahim. They have established their own sound and vibe.

When I listen to Mach's old features with Griselda he almost sounds outta place.
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dunno, IMO songs like

chyna (Conway, wsg, mach)
laundromat rap (Conway, mach)
king city (wsg, mach)
macho on coke (wsg/mach)
even beloved with Conway, mach and benny work

a few others...he's appreciated and fits to me. its cool that he's so different than the others. kinda like how masta killa is dif than everyone else in wu.

i'd like to hear Conway, benny, wsg, 38 spesh, mach, fahim, flee, el camino (rap, not sing a hook -they playing with son) on the same track on some wu ****.
also waiting for estee nack and al.divino to hop on some songs. and crimeapple. and mayhem and Bronson. and roc. lol everybody.

I def want to hear anything al.divino and wsg record.
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Rather hear him on more lively stuff. He sounded really good on that Cardo track from EIF3, and the intro as well, not sure who produced that.
Wouldn't be mad at that either. He skates on Harry Fraud type **** too. Just really dug the vibe of Black Spoons.
Griselda is shooting 100% when they work with anyone now that I think of it.
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