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i think dj muggs got something with al.divino. I may have already posted that news but yeah.
the end of 2019 and all year 2020 seems real good for hip hop and video games lol.
its hard to keep up with everything.

dj muggs/fahim
dj muggs/al.divino
benny x dza x pete rock
el camino 2
another el camino joint with somebody else (I posted that news already)
el camino x flee (I think, can't even remember at this point)
38 spesh joint he's about to release with the beats from 94
flee x lil eto
gorilla nems x flee (hopefully a whole tape and not just a song.)
Stabbed and shot 2

I feel like i'm missing some stuff but that's what I came up with off the top of my head.
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Curious: How did y’all find out about ANY of them? Like...what was the introduction.

I heard Mal play “Dirty Needles” as a sleep on Joe’s pod and went totally crazy. I was all the way in after that. I think “The Cow” was the next thing I heard. Every time I hear either one of those, it reminds me of being like “this is all i want to hear.”

I didn’t even peep this thread until a couple months ago though.
Whenever Flygod dropped I downloaded it off the strength of the cover, skimmed a couple songs and could not get into West's voice/thought he was a kid then left it alone. Then a few months later I had my iTunes on shuffle and Mr T came on and I was like "Damn I ****ed up in this one" and was hooked since.

Same. My boys put me on a few years back, but it didn’t really hook me until Reject 2. I was going through some stuff, and it felt like I had a dark cloud following me around. This **** fed right into that. Great album. It’s a classic in my book. Daringer on all the production. Really one of the best ways to get into it.

That led to The Cow, and Dirty Needles...then I went through all of Benny’s ****. He struck me as the most balanced of the three from the moment I heard Dirty Needles. Eventually led me to 38 Spesh on Stabbed and Shot (which is damn near a classic in my eyes too). Then Son of G Rap (another great project). Eventually opened my ears to Flee Lord, Eto, RJ Payne, Che Noir, ElCamino etc. Don’t know how I missed some of them for so long.
Was in a similar place when I got really into them. Was fresh out a messy breakup, didn't know what I was going to do with my life career wise and had a bunch of family issues going on.
Griselda forreal helped me get through all of that/channel that energy through listening instead of doing something stupid. Which is funny because they act as feel good music for me now :lol:
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the whole tracklist on this tape is ridiculous.
smh @ wsg not blessing us with a verse. its all good.
would have liked to hear roc Marciano on there as well
its all good.
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Estee nack

Playa working with eto at the moment also.

Brownsville Ka and westside gave em a shotout.

check my boom bap thread, got gems in there from estee and al.divino. kinda hard to post the best al.divino stuff since it doesn't really make youtube.
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Mass Appeal got me worried with all due respect to Fred The Godson, nothing I've heard from him warrants him on that classic (RIP GURU). Spesh Commander gets all the credit in the world though for having Planet Asia on here
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After discovering these dudes, especially Benny, I rarely listen to anything else anymore. Lol

FACTory! Man I done bumped every single album they put out and I'm really mad at myself for finding about them now. Just played through all El Camino's joints yesterday and boy is fire too. I like all 3 respectfully but Conway make me want to commit something :lol: Just love that grimey rap. Daringer is a blessing. I haven't got tired of one song yet!
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