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Not bad, (not great either, looking like takedown Adapts) and don't put the EYE on them.
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So far I like the look and I'm cool with the eye. Just don't make them run small like the 6.
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Looks like a stiff upper/mesh material. Those 2x lateral TPU pieces are this models version of lockdown (flytrap on the 5, strap on the 6).

I feel like the Kyrie line has been more or less the same since the 4, yet it's a pretty good shoe for the shifty/explosive guard.

Keen to see an elite version...
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WTF @ the Kyrie 7.

I stand by what I said in the Kyrie 6 thread: The aesthetic design of the Kyrie line has gone down hill since the Kyrie 1. The Kyrie 1s are still the best looking out of his 7 sneakers.
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I'd like to see something drastically different from the previous models.
I wonder how much I out he gives in the design. It’s the same designer since the 1? Not many models are drastic at all. That’s why the Hybrid S2 shoe blends in so well.
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Can Nike please fix the fit.
THISSS the fit on the 5 and 6 is so tight it’s unmanageable. The flytrap strap on the 5 was literally a flytrap and the 6 I could barely get my foot in. You had to take the damn shoe apart to get a toe in

Makes you wonder wtf is Kyrie actually wearing or wtf happened in the development process
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Picnic baskets for your feet, but I'm still intrigued. Is that an eye logo variant on the heel?
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