Official AUTHENTIC NBA JERSEY Post - Bringin Back the JERSEY ERA... (Info/Guide = Page 1)

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I don't love it, but I think the Nets jersey looks good. I also think it suffers from the oversaturation of NBA jerseys right now. If that came out 5 years ago, I think more people would like it.
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It's not that bad, it definitely isn't on the the level of that Suns uniform
The Suns ones are not that horrible, in comparison to the Adidas ones years back and also in comparison to some of the current jerseys, for example the Nuggets ones, but since I am a Suns fan, I am obviously a bit fan blinded!


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Did you get in on the zero to hero? Was supposed to be free, but then it was 25 bucks for an autographed shoe and swingman jersey straight from agent zero
yes, still got the autographed swing man, don’t know where the shoe is tho
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