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The amount of boot licking for this President on twitter is crazy. I'm not shocked in anyway. However, it's still crazy. Like the 1 time he wears a mask in public they praise him for putting America First lol. Then they call him a real leader because he doesn't kneel. This is the same real leader who had a doctor say he had bone spurs so he didn't have to go to the military. This is the same leader who has done or said nothing about Mr. Putin putting bounties on our warriors. I guess they don't have a problem being sheep that are being led to the slaughter. Michael Cohen said it best when he said, he will do to ya'll what he did to me.

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Let some people tell it, and the real crisis here is that it deprives landlords of much needed bonus income, a minuscule portion of which might someday be donated to charity.

He's just getting ready to unveil the Second Step Act. There's no reason to believe he won't do that any day now.
More like the Goose Step Act.
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What do people want done about the bounties? It’s like “Russia interfered with our never-ending war to protect child-rapist warlords and to make mineral extract easier fir global capital. Something must be done.”

maybe would could stop being in Afghanistan? Russia might try to occupy this power vacuum but then we could put bounties on Russian troops. It’s almost as if Afghanistan is where empires go to die.
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Some say the eviction apocalypse is a failure of capitalism, I say this sort of barbarism is integral to capitalism.

Still others might say there is no eviction apocalypse, there is a first step act and another thing, it’s actually ephebophilia plus almost know one, at the time, knew he was a judge so it’s fine.
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Our PRESIDENT Elect is using some new jutsus. Anyone else notice Trump sama using white nationalist release? Ninja Art White Supremacy Jutsu.
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Watch the MAGA crowd completely pivot and suddenly be more than happy wearing a mask because daddy Trump said it's ok



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Only took him 4 months to say the right thing about masks, the easy thing to say. Smh. I’m sure he will walk it back sooner than later though.
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