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"The Adventures of Tommy and Elisa Marie" this episode.

Elisa Marie should've been working for Feds because Ghost and Tommy would've been locked up in season 1.

She put all the pieces together like Sherlock Holmes.

How Tommy have a stronger connection with Elisa Marie in a couple of hours than he did with Cash the whole time he was dating Lakeisha? :lol:

Don't know who's dumber, the police or the criminals. How Tommy got the drop on Vincent's dudes guarding the house?

Where was the other dude?

No wonder Paz dgaf about Angela's pension. She had a stack to give Tommy to kill Ghost when she could've use that to put her ***** *** son in school.

Tasha's "acting" in the confrontation with Tommy. :lol::smh:

Someone mentioned Cedric the Entertainer getting got in the warehouse when that episode first aired but I didn't think it actually was that *****. :lol:

So I guess Tommy was using Instant Transmission when Vincent and his boys got the drop on him.

Mans did not get touched at all, glad he killed that dumbass Vincent.

So Ghost dead dead frfr huh.

The final scene with him and Tommy felt flat af. You'd think a moment with two lifelong friends saying goodbye would have more emotional impact but it was whatever.

Tommy telling Elisa Marie to come see him in a few years for revenge like he's Beatrix Kiddo.

Tommy killing Spotswood in broad daylight. :lol::smh:
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Tasha was never the best actor but it was incredibly bad this episode. Like she got the yips and forgot how to even try, so don't blink and enunciate everything, it may come back.
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Show is so ***, the invincibility shield around Tommy and Ghost up to this point is ridiculous. This ***** Vincent going to really let Tommy floor it into his whole torso instead of letting a round off in his forehead. Nevermind not one bullet hitting Tommy’s whip fleeing that shootout with Ghost.

But Elisa Marie was in her bag with the acting this episode. Definitely let Tommy get off cause she realizes Tariq is enemy #1.

Shooter could’ve been Tasha because she thinks Ghost stuck Tommy on her.

Still believe it was Tariq because the night of the party he asked Ghost why he killed Breeze and he said because Breeze got in the way of his future. Tariq asked him one more time if he thought he should really turn himself in and he said yes which was Ghost getting in the way of his future, which is also why he was so adamant about not helping Tommy save Ghost. Saving Ghost meant throwing his future away.


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It is downright hilarious Tommy killed Captains of two mafia organizations and he just gonna move to Cali.

The little girl had an expression on her face like “this writing is so bad I want this show to be over” lol
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Elisa-Marie is way more G than Paz son :rofl:
Turns out that Ghost and Proctors daughters gon be end up being the smartest ppl in the show too :lol:

All the build up and beefs that Tommy had just to have yo take a road trip to Cali being the answer to all his problems :smh: ...Guess we know we’ll see him in LA for whoever watches the next chapter ...Episode was cool tho, a Tommy episode had to be one of the better ones cuz everything he does is funny or ridiculous

Vincent might be the softest and least convincing monster in TV history :lol: ...And that outside wind was hell on Ghost wig in the shoutout scene, looked like a fan was blowing thru it :lol:
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Tommy dead*** driving that all the way to Cali?

If so sign me up for a spin-off IDC

Tommy in Vegas/Cali would be :pimp:
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Little Girl best actor on the show along with Tommy’s mom.

Tasha is horrible man.

I was screaming “do it” when Tommy pointed the gun at Tasha.

Little girl had plenty of times to escape but she just chilling letting Tommy Mom braid her hair.

Run out the door!!!
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The symbolism of the car. :lol: and he's driving to Cali in THAT car?

and the bonding with Lisa Marie
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Tommy mom trash.

she didn’t give a **** when he told her Lala was dead.

“Gucci money bag keisha” :lol:

Tommy: People after me I gotta leave the city.

His mom: you can’t leave, where else I’m going to get my coke? lol

fully expected him to go white boy crazy and at the very least, pull the scrap on her, when she called him trash and said didn’t need him any more.
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