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He didn't say let her go. He said let IT go. Tommy has never met Ramona. The look of disbelief is because it was someone they all knew.
I heard let her go so that’s what I’m rolling with...Tommy has met Ramona I don’t remember what episode but I remember him meeting up with Ghost and him telling her to get the **** outta there.
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Very good episode. Tommy has always been the best character on the show. I still don't fully understand the timing of these events though. How Tommy killed Spanky legit had me rolling though
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I said a while back we were going probably going to get the opposite of Sean/Kanan.

It almost seems too obvious now so Tasha could be a possibility IMO.


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Rather have Ghost and Tommy in book 2 instead of Riq and I guess Tasha smh.The good people get killed off but the people who should've been dead since season 1 still here
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Ghost clearly said "Let IT go". Closed captioning.

Is it really Tariq? Can't stand his punk ***, please let it end another way


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Also Ghost is dead dead since it's on the news, and still no emotional weight to it like Angie. Power book 2 my ***.
This. I’ve never seen a main character killed and there is no emotion, just confusion. They really blew it with “who shot ghost” instead of “who killed ghost”. They then turn it into a “who dun it”.

seeing Tommy and ghost together and I didn’t feel anything. I assume if it is Tariq hopefully we feel something, ANYTHING.
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Just finished watching, by far the best episode this season. Why can't this be replicated throughout the season? Vincent had Tommy dead to rights and didn't kill him, def stupid move. Anytime someone talks too much when they can easily kill a main character, you know the writers already decided the match like it's WWE or something 😂. Also, you can never go wrong with using Regulate, perfectly ending that episode.

Mark Antony

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That whole organization stupid. Oh proctor got a whole mob behind him? Run from Tommy by yourself. Tommy just killled your bro and you got a whole organization? Try to kill Tommy by yourself with a letter opener. Tommy just killled your whole crew in front of you? Give a monologue when you have him dead to rights.
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Either Tariq or Tasha. Didn't think it was anyone else. Not sure what Tate going to do. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY TARIQ HATES GHOST SO MUCH THOUGH. The dude has not done anything to him.

Didn't like that Tommy didn't off Tasha punk *** either. Ghost's family has to be one of the most ungrateful fictional families I have seen on TV. Dude has given them a better life and gives them everything. Yet they still plot to take his grind and shine from him. Tasha out here not taking care of their kids too. Good for nothing wife. No wonder Ghost wanted to be with Angie and Ramona.
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He’s a child. Sure his dad gave him all this stuff but he also broke up their home. You put my mom in that much pain, I’d want you dead too. Again he’s also a child who doesn’t have the range to rationally think things through. I’d kill for an episode like Fly from BB where they are stuck and have to talk about everything. Maybe he’d get some understanding where his father is coming from.
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Episode was terrible lmao.

Yo, this had to be the worst Ghost hair piece of all time. The way that joint was curling up when he was with Tommy lmfao. Somebody hit that bish with the s-curl. **** was nasty.

I was dying at how Tommy sped off that shooting with ghost once he ran out of bullets....and immediately had a silencer on his way to medal gear stealth kill some Italian goons...with absolute EASE.

This series would’ve been over a long time ago if the feds just hired 10 year old Alyssa Marie.

Tommy and Tasha scene so cringeworthy. Both their acting is got damn horrible. This episode felt like they were scrambling to cover plot holes they ****ed up. Oh, BG is dead...Forgot about that. .Make Tommy say his name 3x and confirm it on a jail call :lol:.

Everything was too F’n convenient. Like Tommy slipping up and calling Jamie Ghost, right when Proctors kid had just got done asking about it. Feels like the worst in the worst of a soap opera.

Passions > Power

Alistair Crane and Tabitha. True villains :pimp:
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