PS4 vs Xbox One vol. I can't decide!

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I've been reading reviews and received input from people who have both consoles and I'm seriously at a stand still for both. 

I don't want to turn this to fanboy v. fanboy.

I understand you should get the console that suits what you primarily like most, but it's still pretty difficult when these two are so alike, yet have some cool features that are not on the other console. For the record, I do enjoy RPG's, FPS's and primarily play sports games.

So I made this thread to help each other out, help find which console is right for you.

Some features that I like from the PS4:

- I've been reading the PS4 has better hardware - faster processors, better graphics cards (most times not noticeably better though?).

- You can upgrade the internal hard drive to a SSD, making it even faster.

- Sharing seems pretty cool, although I don't know all the details about it yet (I read you can play with a friend online even though they don't have the game, but only for 1 hour??).

- I like the PS4 controller better.

Some features I like about the XBox One:

- All-In-One media hub

- Connecting to my cable for picture-on-picture (does anyone really use this?).

- I hear Xbox Live > PSN

- I like the GUI better.

- External Hard Drives 

I understand that exclusives should play a big role in the decision, but I feel like both consoles have a pretty dope lineup of exclusives so it kind of balances out.

Any cool features that I missed out on or that I'm not aware of? Help a brotha out!


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If you looking for a cablebox that can play video games xb1 if you are looking for a pure gaming system pc if you are looking for a social gaming system ps4 your choice g
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If you absolutely must play Halo and Gears of War get an Xbone.

Otherwise I'd say PS4.


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Go PS4.

You like the controller better plus it'll probably have a lot more RPGs for you.


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Well ps4 is gettin final fantasy and lther rpg's if he is in to that just go with ps4
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I guess you should add EA access in there ( from a value standpoint) and also future Access programs. Ubisoft wants to do one according to a few articles. And unless Sony starts to backtrack on their "curating" content stance, it won't be on the ps4

and also the xbox will be getting final fantasy ( ex. type 0 and 15) but not super obscure jrpgs's, if that is your thing.


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You could also just drop 50 on this and call it a day.

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Hardware wise, isn't it only the GPU and better RAM being the only advantages for the PS4
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Go PS4.

You like the controller better plus it'll probably have a lot more RPGs for you.
Yup. Overall, your getting more value and features for your dollar. You won't be disappointed. Although, i'd wait till' January to purchase. PS4 barely has any blockbuster titles out now.
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I'm console neutral. I'm getting an xb1, because it fits my needs.
Here's a thread about people who review their systems after 9 months of having them.

Which game system did you have last gen? Figure out the reasons why you had that system rather than the other system.

If said reasons are still applicable to this gen, I'd recommend going off of that.

Since, you have more an idea of what to expect.

IMO, the xb1 is going to has a great fall line up exclusive wise.

But $ony has been with the players since they showed their console.

While m$ tried to enforce ridiculous policies on their customers.

TLDR: ps4


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Xbox has Halo, Playstation does not. The end
This is the issue I'm going through. I honestly prefer the PS4 in every category..... but then Microsoft had to go announce that Halo pack with all the classic Halo games in HD :smh: threw a wrench into my plans for a PS4. Sony doesn't have any exclusives I can't live without, but I prefer the PS4 controller, UI, etc.

:frown: I'll use my PS3 until at least mid 2015 so I'll have time to think about it
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