Ronnie Fieg Collabs - Tracking order link

Joined Jul 28, 2013
Did the tie dye hoodie not come in a xs or was it sold out instantly? Copped a small for my fiancée but she’s xs in kith.


Joined May 23, 2016
We don't even have a Nobu here so this collab does nothing for me but some of the pieces are pretty nice. The orange hoodie and the ls white tee with multil color logo was nice.

Joined Jun 25, 2015
Was initially gonna pass, but didn’t realize based on their original posts there were T-shirt’s as well. Picked up this one - seems dope and easy to wear.

Joined Jun 21, 2015
Those Super Blues kinda nice. Wonder if those people who tagged him with their OG pair on got early access.
Joined Jun 21, 2015
I just wonder how he could tell if they were their pics or not. Could've easily just went back and looked for a pair of the OG pairs on foot and posted it on your own page and tagged him.
Joined Aug 14, 2014
That long haired suede is awful.

In no way does it come close to the OGs, and is a disservice to even align them.

Again, Ronnie, you fail.
Exactly, He’s trying to capitalize on the success of one of his best pairs by releasing a glorified GR and calling it 2.0.... If he hadn’t dubbed these Super Blues you would never have associated them as being a follow up to the original colorway... He literally stole the boring colorway directly from The FootPatrol sagas and threw it on the Formosa nappy suede... It’s not only disappointing but sad that he’s completely lost his touch... He hasn’t released a strong original colorway on a pair of Asics since the Atlantic/Pacific gel sights
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