Air Jordan XXXIII first info

Joined Aug 22, 2013
I'm just salty because I watched MJ thrash my Hornets throughout the 90s ON the he keeps them under his thumb OFF the court.
Joined May 12, 2003
Haha wtf that’s interesting.. not real sure what to make of it.. on a side note has anybody been to that “oneness” shoe boutique? I went there once and they had like 5 different pairs of shoes that was it.
Oneness used to be a consignment shop years ago. The one in Louisville doesn’t have much but the one in Lexington has a lot of stuff.
Joined Dec 11, 2007
33 lows look like team Js...

I bought the og 33s and the utility black pair. coulda done without them for sure. not comfy at all even tho they look ok. 20 was the last dope sig J
Joined Aug 13, 2000
I'm done with the 33s at this point. Looking forward to seeing the 34s and trying them out...
Joined Jan 10, 2016
Anyone try out the Diamond? The lows just announced, look awesome. Wear testers has an early look.
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