Nike HyperAdapt: 1.0 and Adapt BB

Joined Aug 12, 2012
were you not given one?
I didn't order... passed, this pair was in 4th place for me this week but I might circle back and attempt to cop when pairs are delivered and the undercutting begins.

Still on the fence pretty hard due to my own aforementioned reasons.

I found a shop with my size sitting, so if I strike out on my top 3 releases this week, it may end up being an awesome effing consolation prize.
Joined Feb 5, 2003
well what do you think about them? Did you get the Motherboards too? I think I like this color way better. Still like the Adapt Huaraches a lot.
I love the shape and the feel. No Motherboards. They came out when I was in Credit rebuilding boot camp. I love the infrared color way.
Joined Jun 22, 2005
The Infrared/Pure Platinum Adapt Auto Maxes really sparked my curiosity, so I decided to order and got my pair in through when it popped up on the Nike website. Definitely comfortable and pretty cozy with the neoprene upper! I also feel a bit taller, too.

When it's not being worn, the look/silhouette is really 40/60 for me, but I had a feeling it's much better on feet and indeed, it's SO MUCH better. I personally don't like/own slimmer-fitting pants and for a shoe in this size, I feel it has to have the right pants to really tone down the bulkiness and accentuate the sleekness. Here's my on-foot shot of them.

Major downside to all of this: the liquid stain on my right shoe. :frown: My size seems to be available at some other places, so I can just perhaps order through them.

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