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Joined Jul 18, 2013
I know someone whose pops just died and she can't go home to be with her family. It's ****ing sad how we've handled this ****.

I tell you one thing though I'm eligible for dual citizenship and I've always put it off because it's not a priority but I'm getting it done as soon as this is over. I got 2 other countries to choose from, there's no reason for me to not have citizenship in one. Can't be putting all my eggs in America's racist basket.
Joined Jul 16, 2017
Whining is YOUR role on NT. Lets get that straight.

I am a truth speaker.
I gotta side with I hear TNA is hiring I hear TNA is hiring the man knows what’s up. I can tell he hates goons as much as I do. The libs in here are just trolls at this point. I don’t think they believe what they spew. The hate. The divisiveness of the libs and how they continue to oppress colored people in this country.


Joined Mar 27, 2004
lol u libbies r sooooo buttttthurrtttt it's HILARIOUS!!!!

rookie rusty couldn't help himself. he had to defend the honor of his lady.

listen up, lib. tomi doesn't need saving. she's a strong, independent conservative. she knows that the kitchen is hers and she sleeps with an AR-15 under her pillow.
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