Post your toys! Vol. 1?

Joined Feb 26, 2013
I saw some of the pairs, but never Leo/shredder, I'm good with the playmates classics for the toon, but I did grab Shredder and Krang off Ebay way back when
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Picked up this bad boy yesterday from my local comic book shop. Needed it because this is the movie my brother and I watched over and over growing up.
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One of my sponsors sent me my first ever gundam related figure and I couldn’t be more impressed by it. It’s a 1/100 scale metal build fIgure of the Kshatriya Mobile Suit from gundam unicorn. While it is a figure, it’s actuslly based on a model from 2013 from a company called Elyn. They created this model kit and then the got sent a C&D by bandai because of copy right infringement. That company has since become Mechanicore. The company Metal Club too the model kit assembled it and replaced the inner frame with a die cast metal frame.
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Me neither. A friend was able to find these in his area and got them for me.

Found these while on my last break today:
Good to see these showing up in stores, my Amazon pre-order doesn't come in to July unfortunately. Nice pick ups :smokin
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i finally got in on that Bandai Gokin Golion, that reissues sell out was nuts, thing's as popular as a NECA Turtles SDCC exclusive lol, now there's just a few more i want and i'll consider my Voltron collection complete
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Just picked up the 4 Revoltech 2012 TMNT for my TMNT collection off Ebay for $100 I love it when I find deals, glad I messaged and talked to the seller, he had them as display pieces all complete with the boxes, but he didnt show the boxes in pics plus at such a low prices most prob thought they were the KO, talk about a steal


formerly jrodski
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Sup guys,

Got a buncha figures n pops and im tryin to find a dope display case to show em off.

Any suggestions?

Joined Feb 26, 2013
What's the difference between all those Voltron figures?
The 2 left ones are from the new Playmates Voltron based off the Netflix series, the middle 2 are Toyami Ultimate Voltron and 20th Anniversary diecast Bookcase, and the right 2 are Lego Voltron and Mattel 23" Voltron. Not to be outdone I have Bandai chogokin Voltron on preorder(scheduled for August), and am watching Toyami 30th Anniversary diecast voltron that comes with a stand and lion weapons, Toynami Alltimates SD Voltron and a 1980s OG Voltron all on Ebay.

The biggest issue is I really want the recalled lead paint 1980s OG Volton that my parents throughout bcuz they were to scared I'd get sick
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