POWER THREAD (Sun., Starz)

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didn’t even know it leaked, nobody been talking about on the tl.

Avoiding spoilers is hard as hell in this age. I remember when season 5 of the wire was leaking and cats was spoiling the show on here. Back when your name didn’t have to be approved, cats made a “kenard shot Omar” username. wild times :lol:
I wanted to destroy NT that week.
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Looking forward to tomorrows episode & see who else didn’t “shoot” Ghost lol... getting tired of waiting each week


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I’m still watching and can’t take Tommy driving a basic base model bmw 323 with beige leatherette serious....

From an old school muscle car to something 16 year old girls dream about.

This episode makes no sense. 007Tommy again.

Barley A 1 minute clip with tommy and ghost. Makes no sense. No emotion.

Reggguuulllllaaattttoooorrrrsssss best part of the episode
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Elisa Marie was cold game. Cool lil girl.

Tommy dead *** bit kill bill lollll straight Beatrix Kiddo mode.

Im here for it tho. Episode slapped.
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